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Used licences reduce your IT costs

What distinguishes used software from new licences – the quality? No; unlike with a used car, there are no signs of wear and tear in programs such as Microsoft Office. Rather, used software offers the same degree of functionality as on the first day of release. The significant difference lies in the price, however: if you implement used software from Trustedlicense in your business, you could save up to 50% compared with buying the corresponding new licences! What this means is that we can help you reduce the IT costs in your business considerably.

In providing this service, we forgo neither functionality nor legal certainty: we ensure that the used software licences are transferred in accordance with applicable law and the current manufacturer requirements. This means you receive full documentation of the legally compliant transfer in addition to the data storage media and the licences. These documents will enable you to prove to the manufacturer beyond any doubt that your software was purchased in a compliant way. As a result, you will have full ownership without any further dependence on Trustedlicense, even if we continue to provide support when you have queries, which is all part of the service, of course.

Sell redundant software licences and release capital

Equipping a business with software requires considerable investment. We offer you the option to release some of this capital again if you no longer need old licences following an upgrade.

For example, many businesses are currently migrating to the cloud versions of programs such as Office 365. This makes the on-premises solutions redundant, but they are nevertheless still owned by the company. We can help you avoid such redundancies while increasing your budget at the same time. We are always interested in purchasing used software licences that are no longer needed, and we would be pleased to provide you with a tailor-made offer.

The price that we are able to pay in a given case is based primarily on the versions offered and the number of licences. However, it is generally worthwhile selling redundant software in any case, even if only a few licences have been made available as a result of rationalisation.

What will happen to your software?

After verification, the licences are sold on to businesses. We ensure the legal certainty of the transfer, of course, with the help of our very experienced staff.

Do you know of a business with redundant licences? Let us know!

Perhaps you have a client or a service provider in your partner network that currently has many redundant licences. Then why not contact us or recommend to your partner that they should re-license? We are confident that we can produce an attractive offer to make selling the licenses worthwhile.

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in a legally compliant manner.

Office 2019 Standard

Manufacturer: Microsoft
Version: 2019 Standard
Language: Single Language, all languages available
License type: Volume license from remarketing

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Our references

Our current product range


  • Microsoft Office Volumenlizenzen (2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 Professional Plus / Standard)
  • Microsoft Project Volumenlizenzen (2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 Professional / Standard)
  • Microsoft Visio Volumenlizenzen (2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 Professional / Standard)


  • Microsoft Enterprise and Core CAL Suite
  • Microsoft Windows CALs
  • Microsoft Exchange CALs
  • Microsoft Sharepoint CALs
  • Microsoft Skype for Business CALs
  • Microsoft SQL CALs

Operating systems

  • MS Windows 10 Enterprise Upg. LTSB and LTSC
  • MS Windows 10 Professional Upg.


  • Microsoft Windows Server Lizenzen
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Lizenzen
  • Microsoft SQL Server Lizenzen
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Lizenzen
  • Microsoft Skype for Business Server Lizenzen

Offer request for companies

Is your company interested in reducing costs with used licenses? Call us or contact us using the form below. Our experts will advise you and create an individual offer for you.

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COO/Franchise Manager Europe


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