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Replace Windows 7 with current used software!

Do you remember it - the blue start screen of Windows 7? For many people it is just a memory, others still see it every day on the screen. Is the operating system still installed in your company? Then now is the time to act!

The problem: Support for Windows 7 was discontinued by Microsoft on January 14, 2020. As a result, security updates are missing and the hacker vectors are increasing every day.

What can companies currently using Windows 7 do? There are several possibilities, which we present in the following. If you want to make your IT infrastructure future-proof with inexpensive used software, it is best to jump directly to the last paragraph!

Continue as before

In principle, Windows 7 will continue to function after the end of support. However, the outdated operating system endangers the security of the individual computers and the entire company. It is therefore not recommended to simply continue using Windows 7. Those who do not want to do without the system have another option: extending the support.

Chargeable support extension

Microsoft offers a support extension for Windows 7 for a fee. The advantage is that everything can continue to run as before - no new hardware, no getting used to it for the employees. However, this "luxury" is limited in time: The final shutdown for Windows 7 is scheduled for 2023. It therefore makes more sense to invest the money for the support extension in the renewal of the IT already today, because this step will be necessary anyway.

New Software

Those who want to upgrade directly to the latest version of Windows 10 now have the opportunity to do so. The only downer: the investment costs for IT are enormous. The changeover of the entire company software is often financially unacceptable

Some companies tend to completely change the operating system, for example to Linux. However, this means an enormous changeover effort for hardware, used programs and employees.

Upgrade with inexpensive, legally compliant used software
The best solution is to upgrade with used software licenses. The advantages are manifold:

  • 100% original software from Microsoft
  • Significantly lower prices in relation to the new acquisition
  • With us the process is legally compliant, manufacturer-conform and audit-proof!

With used software you get access to a new Microsoft operating system at a reasonable price, which will be provided with all important security updates for years to come. This variant is legal according to the highest court decision and does not mean any disadvantages for you - contact us and get your individual offer!