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Beware of low-cost suppliers

The difference between cheap and cheap: legal certainty

Used software is significantly cheaper than new licenses, companies can save up to 50% and more when buying second hand licenses. Recently, however, providers have entered the market who advertise with even cheaper product keys, also in the B2B sector. Caution is advised here!

Dumping offers from the legal grey zone

If a software is offered as a bargain, i.e. once again well below the usual price of used software dealers, the alarm bells should ring. A serious dealer is dependent on buying the licenses from the first user. In addition, he must cover the organizational costs for legally compliant documentation. This is not compatible with cheap offers for used software! It is questionable where some dealers get their product keys from. It is obvious that they operate in the legal grey area or even deliberately deceive their customers - to their disadvantage.

Dangers for companies

The risk of illegal software use is borne by the company using the licenses. If an audit reveals that the licenses have never been legally acquired, high fines will follow. Theoretically, it is even possible for the company's managers to be personally liable.

Recognize Legally Used Software

What is the most important basis for the trade with pre-owned software? "Trust", explains Ronny Schausten, founder of S2 Software. If customers want, they only get a download, but no physical media. "There is no seal, hologram or the like," continues Schausten.

How can companies still recognize if the offers are legal? From the documentation. Serious vendors such as S2 Software provide complete proof that the products were correctly purchased from the manufacturer, that the first user sold the licenses and destroyed all their own copies. Only used software with these documents is legally compliant and audit-proof!