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Ever thought you would run a successful IT software licensing company? Become part of a fast growing business!


Trusted License is not just a Microsoft software licensing company. We are one of the leading businesses in trading pre-owned (Microsoft) perpetual volume licenses in Europe. Based in Germany since 2014 and currently operating with a presence on the ground in Netherlands, Spain and Belgium.

What we do

We provide organizations (B2B) with a secure and cost efficient Microsoft licensing solution. We do this by implementing redundant (used, pre-owned) Microsoft licenses. Savings that can lead up to 70%.

This market is enormous, almost every organization with 50 fte or more is working with Microsoft licenses and it is one of the highest fixed costs every year. This is the same for Governments and (healthcare)Institutions, that spends billions every year for their compliancy.

Trusted License is trading Microsoft volume licenses according to European law and regulation. Our licenses are 100% auditproof and guaranteed. Trading of pre-owned licenses is legal after the verdict of the European Court in 2012 in the: “usedsoft/oracle arrest”, which created a new still little known marketplace.

Trusted License is looking to expand the franchise formula in additional countries throughout European Union with the exception regions UK, Norway and Switzerland.

We would like to co-operate exclusively with local entrepreneurs in different countries, to make the business more personal


Opportunity for a succesful business

In the European Union alone the market of Microsoft licenses is worth an estimated of €2 Billion euros a year. 20%-30% (or more) of this potential could be provided with used/pre-owned licenses. We estimate that currently less than 1% of this market is being fulfilled. This suggests there is significant potential for this growth market.

Start your business with one of the best franchises behind you.

Franchise package
  • Low Investment
  • Fast launch
  • Operating with existing clients fromt the start (depending on your region)
  • Operating website (in your language)
  • Complete back-office support including systems
  • No stock or buy-in investment necessary
  • No needs to purchase inventory
  • Education on products and skills
  • Marketing team at your disposal
  • More…
Ideal franchisee
  • Sales driven and an entrepreneur
  • Speaks english or german (word and write)
  • Fulltime available
  • Affinity with the it market. (no technical background necessary)
Our priority is not limited to launching your business. We are interested in helping you grow!
If you are interested in all of the above? We are interested in you!

Mark van Meteren, Trusted License The Netherlands

“We at LicensePro B.V. are very content with the exclusive collaboration with “TrustedLicense” in the Netherlands! Annually, we sell more than EUR 2 million in used Microsoft licenses to resellers, Microsoft partners and major end users, including; hospitals, institutions, municipality and other government agencies. TrustedLicense delivers the ordered used Microsoft licenses quickly and correctly, but it is even more important that this is done exactly in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. In addition, the supplied license transfer documents are complete with regard to the compliance issue. audits. Because of TrustedLicense's more than 8 years of international experience in buying and selling these used Microsoft licenses, we have been able to serve our customers with a perfect track record.

We would like to continue the cooperation with TrustedLicense for a long time to come!”

Ana Manzanedo, Trusted License Spain

“Joining the Trusted License family was straightforward and offered little risk, and the collaboration and support has been excellent ever since. What really drove our choice to join where the people at Trusted License and their values, which are based around the concepts that If one succeeds we all succeed. This was expressed In a fair franchise model for all and true support at all levels to help become successful.”

Contact us:
Rene Hergenröther

Rene Hergenröther

COO/Franchise Manager Europe




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