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Would you like to supply your customers with affordable software and benefit from high profit margins at the same time? A partnership with Trustedlicense offers exactly these advantages. As a reseller, you support us in the sale of attractive software licenses and can offer prospective customers a wide range of products on site - all of which is 100% legally compliant and manufacturer-compliant.

New business field - familiar structures: partnership sales of used software.

The business model is not new: Trustedlicense provides a broad portfolio of different products as a distributor. As a reseller, you are in direct contact with customers on site and sell the items. The idea, on the other hand, is new: trading with used software licenses is becoming increasingly attractive and well-known. Not least because landmark rulings have been made - for example, the resale of volume license agreements is permitted according to the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). This results in a lucrative market from which everyone benefits: You, your customers and also the first users of licenses.

Trustedlicense specializes in the procurement and verification of tradable software licenses. What does that mean in detail? We acquire programs that have already been running on company computers. If they are no longer needed, they can be resold completely legally. The prerequisite is complete uninstallation by the first user. If necessary, further manufacturer-specific requirements must be met. As an experienced dealer, Trustedlicense ensures that the entire process is legally compliant, smooth and expeditious. Thus, the secondary users receive tested software, which is of course also audit-proof.

For customers, this results in the opportunity to purchase software whose licenses are up to 72% cheaper compared to new programs. This is exactly your best argument for selling - and experience shows that many buyers are very interested in used software products. In order to actually reach potential users on the spot, Trustedlicense is looking for you as a partner, because in addition to favorable offers, individual consulting is part of our quality promise.

Basic idea of the cooperation: We know the market for used software, you have the personal contact to the customers. We take care of procuring programs with lucrative profit margins, you sell the respective software to the appropriate target group. These are ideal conditions to combine our competences for a successful business model.

How does the partnership with Trustedlicense work? Here are all the important aspects briefly summarized for you:

Trustedlicense provides a wide portfolio of interesting used software (cost-benefit ratio positively tested). This includes, for example, MS Office, Microsoft Windows Server, operating systems, etc.

We ensure legal certainty by complying with legal requirements and manufacturer-specific requirements. In addition, all transactions are documented and thus secure in the event of a software audit.

Our resellers are in personal contact with customers and individually present the benefits of used licenses to potential users.

Why is used software interesting for many customers and why is the cooperation with Trustedlicense especially attractive for resellers? There are many good reasons for this:

Used software promises high profit margins with favorable conditions at the same time - savings of up to 72% compared to new products are possible. A win-win situation for dealers and users.

Trustedlicense maintains good contacts with medium-sized businesses and large companies. Accordingly, we can offer comprehensive packages of used software licenses for secondary use at an attractive price.

As a distributor Trustedlicense is always up to date regarding legal requirements as well as manufacturer and brand specific regulations. This means legal security for our partners and their customers. Used licenses from Trustedlicense are audit-proof!

Sales and trade are professionally organized. Resellers get exclusive access to a wide range of different software, which can be delivered quickly.

Trustedlicense is one of the pioneers in the market for used software - we are happy to pass on the experience and know-how from our many years of activity in this area to our partners.

Become better together

Optimal sales strategies on site are as close to Trustedlicense's heart as they are to resellers. That is why we offer targeted support for sales. This includes, among other things, training, arguments for sales talks and tips for successful communication.

Used software - modern thought

What speaks for the use of used software in your company? In a nutshell: You get the performance of the original programs at significantly more favorable conditions. The full potential of the used software strategy unfolds when working with a professional partner like Trustedlicense. We have specialized in the trade with used business software. As an experienced dealer, we offer our customers not only solutions tailored to their needs, but also individual advice and legal security through professional procedures.

...and why are already used computer programs not like old cars?

The principle is age-old: goods, for example cars, are significantly cheaper if they are not bought new but used. This is no less true for software - with one significant difference: unlike brake discs, tires and the like, programs like Microsoft Office do not wear out. On the contrary: They perform their service as on the first day. Nevertheless, the licenses are up to 72% cheaper compared to a new purchase at Trustedlicense - and that with full legal security!

For users, it makes almost no difference whether they use used or new software. After completing the purchase process, you will receive a data carrier for installation (and further documentation, see below). This enables and entitles you to use a version of Microsoft Office, Windows Server or any other program. Users will enjoy the full functionality offered by the respective license purchased.

On the part of Trustedlicense the principle works as follows: We are in contact with many medium and large companies that use corresponding software as first-time users. If the change to another version is planned or licenses are no longer needed for other reasons, there is the possibility to sell them. In this way, the companies get back part of their original investment sum and therefore have a great interest in driving this process.

The most important answer beforehand: Yes, trading with used software is allowed. For example, the German Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has issued a landmark ruling on this issue. The court has ruled in accordance with the law: volume license agreements may be resold (and also split).

In detail, there are some conditions that must be met for a legal sale. Here the trade with used software does not differ from other business fields. Our customers enjoy the reassuring security that Trustedlicense as an experienced dealer takes care of the complete legal protection.

This means:

The software is properly purchased by the first purchaser - a corresponding document confirms the transaction.

The first user completely uninstalls the program and makes it unusable for himself. A statement about it is included in the delivery.

An official document transfers the rights of use from the first to the second user.

Trustedlicense also ensures that all requirements demanded by the manufacturer are met.

Finally, you as a customer receive a complete package of used software ready for installation and documents proving the legal transfer of usage rights. Even in the event of an audit, you are on the safe side, because you will of course receive original licenses. If necessary, we are happy to work with the respective manufacturers so that our customers can complete the audit quickly, safely and successfully.

Used software is legal - this has been established by various courts (ECJ, BGH). Of particular interest to buyers of used licenses is the fact that the manufacturers do not have to agree to a transfer of the rights of use. Therefore, trading is possible without any problems. Of course, the developers still have the right to check whether the licenses are used correctly. With Trustedlicense, all customers benefit from forward-looking, secure documentation in the event of such an audit. You will receive corresponding documentation with every order.

Quite simply, Trustedlicense's offer is aimed at anyone who wants to buy software licenses for commercial purposes at a low price. The needs of small and medium-sized businesses can be covered very well. Likewise, companies with many workstations will find numerous products from different manufacturers in the current offer.

Trustedlicense has specialized in business solutions. The product range in this area is correspondingly broad. A special focus is on Microsoft programs. Almost always available are:

Microsoft Windows (for example 7, 8.1, 10)
MS Office (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019)
Server licenses for Standard, Datacenter, SQL as well as Sharepoint from Microsoft
...and many more attractive software licenses

The market with used software is dynamic. This means: We buy available contingents, offer them and resell the volume licenses collectively or in parts. For this reason, it may happen that not every product is available at all times - anything else would be an indication of non-transparent business practices in the used software trade and therefore not a recommendation.

If a product is not available or not available in sufficient quantity, there are several options:

Popular items like MS-Office come in on a regular basis. Just let us know, we may already have all the licenses you need but have not been able to add them to the store system yet. If there are actually not enough licenses in stock, it is very likely that sufficient new offers will come in soon.

Alternatively, there is often the possibility to switch to a newer (or older) version. We are happy to advise you personally on this and recommend products that fit your needs.

The third option is to combine new and used licenses, because this is possible without any effort. Are you using an old version that is no longer available on the market? Then purchase a new one and take advantage of the manufacturer's downgrade offer. Another advantage: If necessary, you then have a few new versions available at once.

Is one of your desired products not listed? Even then Trustedlicense is the right contact. Often many other programs are available at short notice or can be replaced by suitable software.

Documented origin, legally secure processing and transparent transfer of rights of use.

Extensive range of business software from various renowned developers

Significant price savings of up to 72% compared to new products.

Transparent offers and audit-proof processing

How is the software market developing?

Do used software products with physical media for installation have a future or will they be replaced by cloud-based programs? Whatever the answer - in any case Used Software has a lucrative present.

In the past, data carriers such as CDs or DVDs were the epitome of software. Variants in which the entire program is stored on such media are today referred to as on-premise solutions. The key characteristic is that the software is stored locally, i.e. on a PC or server on site. In this respect, the somewhat more recent downloads with subsequent installation on the hard disk also count as on-premises.

In a way, the modern opposite is the cloud solution. Here, the data is no longer located directly on the server system, but is retrieved online as needed. Advantages are that the programs no longer require large data storage on site and the maintenance of the software is in a sense outsourced. It is therefore to be expected that such solutions will be increasingly used in the future. However, comprehensive requirements are necessary for this, which many companies do not fulfill or simply do not want to fulfill at the present time for cost reasons. Further challenges exist with regard to data security and the performance of the IT infrastructure.

For the reasons mentioned, the attractiveness of well-known on-promise solutions is unbroken. With inexpensive used software, even a serious argument for the traditional installation is added: the price is significantly below the level for current cloud-based software.

Used software as a competitive advantage

The customers who are currently relying on low-cost solutions for software infrastructure therefore include companies from a wide range of industries. In the long term, the sums saved there can be used to equip the IT infrastructure even more modern. Generally speaking, in terms of cost-effectiveness, it makes the most sense for many companies at the moment to take advantage of used software. Last but not least, a favorable, but at the same time powerful equipment with original software can be a clear competitive advantage.

In summary, there is still a great demand for used business programs such as Microsoft Office. Trustedlicense has recognized this trend and offers suitable used software solutions for almost all requirements from various industries.