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Redundant licences: What is redundant software?

Selling used software raises the question, what are redundant licences? In principle, they concern the rights of use for a software program that are no longer being used by a business but are otherwise still valid. At present, the most common reason for licences becoming redundant is migration to the cloud.

Here is what the process looks like in detail: many businesses use MS Office. Previously, it was common to purchase the licences for this and to install the program on individual computers, which is known as an on-premises solution. In the meantime, increasing numbers of firms have decided to use Office 365 in the cloud. As soon as you sign up to an enterprise agreement or select a subscription, you no longer need the old licences. As a result of this, you have paid for twice as much software as you actually need.

Despite this, the switchover does not have to be costly: first of all, Microsoft offers large discounts for switching to Office 365. What is more, you as the licensee are permitted to sell the licences you no longer need. We are a reliable partner providing professional support to help you do this; why not contact us? By selling the licences, you gain a financial benefit and solve the problem of redundant licences.

Is the sale/purchase of used software legal?

Yes, absolutely! This was confirmed in a landmark judgment by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) of 3 July 2012, in which the judges confirmed that the (onward) sale of licences is legal in principle. It goes without saying that buyers and sellers must comply with all statutory (and manufacturer-specific) requirements, and this is where Trustedlicense can help you. Ever since the company was founded, we have specialised in the legally compliant transfer of licences, and since that time we have completed all procedures correctly, to provide buyers and sellers with absolute legal certainty.

About Trustedlicense

Trustedlicense is a service provider that specialises in used software licences. We buy redundant licences from businesses and sell them on to interested customers. But our services extend far beyond acting as an agent or dealer: we also ensure legal certainty and compliance with manufacturer requirements when it comes to transferring licences.

We provide support equally to buyers and sellers, and we can help parties to unlock budget from licences that they no longer need. At the other end, buyers benefit from attractive offers, as used software is up to 70% cheaper than comparable new licences.

Our core business focuses on Microsoft programs, including the familiar Office suite and operating systems, as well as server licences and client access licences. We have been based in Germany since the company was founded, and have since been able to expand our services to cover several European countries.